Into the Ocean
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Helena Almeida


how to write poetry like a white person

  • cigarettes
  • the taste of you
  • drowning
  • save me
  • no wait save yourself
  • cigarettes
  • !!

make sure to left align and god forbid touch a capital letter

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☆† flowers in my hair and demons in my head †☆
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in 1914, a boy chained his bike to a tree, he never returned.


i passed this on my bike the other day and it made me feel better and now look here it is again

This is something they don’t teach us. Instead they teach us to lean and rely on people when really we should be holding our own hand. They never told us how to deal with losing loved ones and being left astray. We’re left broken and hurt because we weren’t prepared. We never expected bad things to happen because they never taught us that anything bad would ever happen. They never taught us.

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